Tiny Changes

I'm sure many of you are doing what I typically do around this time of year :think about the new goals for the year. I tend to reassess, update and set new goals...mind you, I'm a bit freakish about it and I do this quarterly, but that's another story! ;-)

I'm sure you've learned the same things I have from various sources: making goals measurable and even defining HOW you can get them done, what obstacles you may hit and how you'd get around them.

I think you can add on one more thing to the list of how to make them achievable.

I'm a big fan of making goals really easy to achieve by chunking them into small pieces I know I can do each quarter and even each month. Then I go after the goal for the month, and reassess at the end of each month, whether that means adjusting down or, if I nailed it, adjusting up for the next cycle.

I came across a great WSJ article, Tiny Changes Can Help You Achieve Savings Goals for Retirement, that speaks to this idea so well

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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