The Learning Tree: Books, Blogs and Podcasts that Changed Me

The Learning Tree

Last Updated: 2022.02.10

There are far too many books out there than any of us have time to read and fully digest. Add to that podcasts and blogs, and you know you’ll have to be picky!

I’m hoping by sharing my list, folks reading it will have another reference.

I aim to update this list annually. There are books, blogs and podcasts that have had a dramatic effect on me. They’ve helped shape my view of the world and how I interpret what I perceive.

Here are the shortcuts to each section:


You may find some books listed multiple times, albeit, under different categories. These books have multiple applications and if you’re looking under just one heading, I want to make sure you don’t lose the opportunity to read them.

All links are directed to Amazon Kindle versions of the books using the Amazon Smile links so that your purchases will benefit your charity of choice. 

Business / Management


Fiction / Fantasy


History / Philosophy / Science / Social Psychology / Sociology 






Favorite Reading or Listening Tools

  • AllSides: Best news aggregator that determines what bias each news source has and presents the same story from Left, Center, and Right perspectives
  • Medium, Great for exploring new authors, articles, topics
  • Pocket, save articles to read later
  • Podcast Addict, best tool I found for...wait for it..wait for it..for finding, saving and listening to podcasts

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