Let's Be Graceful and Elevate the Conversation

Much of what we read or hear tells us being provocative is more important than being informative and valuable.

This is especially evident in politics or with attention-starved individuals, groups or entities.  I admit, I've committed what's considered click-bait with provocative subject lines, blog posts or even vlogs.

It's tiring both receiving and delivering "gotchas" and "zingers".

Time has come to quit propagating deception.

Let's be part of a wave of change, instead.

Buck the norm and the system, not to provoke, but by being graceful and informative.  Let's be agents of change by being valuable instead of provocative. Borrowing from Albert Einstein, let's "strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

Let's elevate the conversation, by using elegant words everyone understands and making complex ideas accessible, easy to understand, even when talking of their nuances.

P.S. A great example of this is an author I came across, Zat Rana, on Medium.  His short, personal  description speaks volumes: "Playing at the intersection of science, art, and philosophy. Trying to be less wrong." I highly recommend checking out his writings on Design Luck.

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