Strategy is Never Enough

This week's post is somewhat short and to the point.  Mainly, I've realized through some examples this past week why the greatest strategy is worthless without execution.  Strategy alone may work well in larger organizations where there are people dedicated to developing strategies, then having others execute it, reporting back with results and suggestions for correction.

But what about in a startup?

When you're bootstrapping, your timelines are short and you need to quickly course correct.  You have to be able to not only come up with a game plan for the sales channels to work through, offerings to provide and marketability of your solutions, but you also have to be able to actually test out your ideas, find their flaws, correct and try again.

In a startup, especially the early days, it's not enough to hand it off to someone else.  You have to be able to make decisions fast and correct the direction, and to do that you must be in the thick of actually doing what you planned.

Come to think of it, unless you plan on moving slowly in a slow moving behemoth of a company, even in larger firms you can set yourself apart from all others by engaging in both strategy and the delivery or execution of that plan!

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