Humanity Trumps Business

There are times in life that you encounter what appears as opposing forces in life, pulling you in different directions.  You have to make a decision.  Which do you choose, knowing full well that you have to compromise one for the other.

Life was throwing that question at me these past weeks when the sign off on a major piece of business I've been working on hinged on steps that needed to be completed by a customer, a friend, a fellow human being who was caught in the Hurricane Irma disaster.  My immediate reaction was one of genuine concern.  Will my friend stay in Florida or evacuate?  How would I make that decision if it were my family?  How can I help them if they want a place to go?

My response was to ask about their preparation and offer our help for their support.  Given I have a number of business friends in Florida, this offer to help, to provide them with a place to stay at our home, was the least that I could do and one I offered every one of them.

In today's post I talk about not only the humanity of putting people before business, but also how such decisions reflect how you handle business too.

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