Friday, September 22, 2017

What's the Worst Thing You Can Do?

This post is mainly the video below where I speak to a simple concept.  It's not something that I learned over the last week, but something that was exemplified through practice and highlighted from the success I had from it.

Whatever you're after or looking for in business and life, you'll have an easier time if you get someone's help.

What do you do then when for your work, in your sales process, you need someone else to cooperate with you?

This is the underlying question I talk about below.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Humanity Trumps Business

There are times in life that you encounter what appears as opposing forces in life, pulling you in different directions.  You have to make a decision.  Which do you choose, knowing full well that you have to compromise one for the other.

Life was throwing that question at me these past weeks when the sign off on a major piece of business I've been working on hinged on steps that needed to be completed by a customer, a friend, a fellow human being who was caught in the Hurricane Irma disaster.  My immediate reaction was one of genuine concern.  Will my friend stay in Florida or evacuate?  How would I make that decision if it were my family?  How can I help them if they want a place to go?

My response was to ask about their preparation and offer our help for their support.  Given I have a number of business friends in Florida, this offer to help, to provide them with a place to stay at our home, was the least that I could do and one I offered every one of them.

In today's post I talk about not only the humanity of putting people before business, but also how such decisions reflect how you handle business too.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Stay Strong Through Hurricane Irma

In case you're wondering, I skipped last week's post due to Hurricane Irma as it's been ripping through Florida.  It's lead to many discussions, calls, emails, texts to friends and coworkers in Florida.

As a result, I've been distracted and less focused on business.

Look for the next post with some lessons learned through this process.

Friday, September 1, 2017

How Much Do You MSU?

In business and life, you've got to MSU!

But what the heck is MSU?

Is that the thing in Asian foods that can make you feel bloated?  Is it some new technology or business practice you need to know about?

MSU is one of my favorite acronyms and one where the actual words always seems to surprise people: Making Stuff Up!  I realized some time past that no matter who's the "Expert" on something, they've always and will always MSU.

Here's what I mean: if you're first starting out in your field, heck even life, you're not great at anything, even if you have talent.  What's more, you may read about how others became great at that thing, but what recommendations or "Best Practices" you read about are still not specific to you and what you're pursuing.  You have to experiment, even with Best Practices.

Bill Gates wasn't a great businessman when he was a teenager.  He had to practice it, even if he read the various books on how to be successful in business from the likes of Henry Ford, Jack Welch or Warren Buffett.  All of those businessmen had or have pearls of wisdom to depart, but Bill still had to figure out how to apply those ideas to the software business and the market he was trying to develop in his post-high-school days.

This past week reminded me of this idea.  What's the best sales channel?  How can I get the attention of our prospects?

There are so many books and recommendations that tell you "how it's done."  In fact, I've read many recommendations on different sales channels to try and how to approach them.  None of them should be treated as formulas that you plug in your values and get results. Every idea requires tweaking for your scenario, industry...heck even year in business and region. What's more, you have to be willing to tweak without getting utterly frustrated.

In today's video, I give an example of how I applied and experimented with one sales channel and what specific and general lessons I gained from it.