Pursuing Your Passion is Bogus


2010.06.08_ConfusedDog Did I get your attention with the title? 

This is exactly the kind of manipulation a lot of writers and bloggers go through to get attention, and sometimes they’re arguing for arguments sake.  I recently saw a similar title on another blog…by a motivational speaker, no less!  I was astounded. 

She was was tired of people coming to her saying they had left their job, wife, husband, friend, hubby since they’d lost their passion.  She didn’t believe that passion was something that could be lost or found.  To this comment I say, it is ABSOLUTELY something that can lost or found.

To check my own understanding of the word, I looked up its definition.  Passion is defined on the Princeton.edu site as, “a strong feeling or emotion.”  So, let’s ask the question, can you find or loose a feeling?  Have you ever found love, and lost it later?  Have you ever found happiness or sadness? If you have a family, did you feel strongly about your newborn child on his or her birthday?  Do you feel strongly about your artistic tendencies?  The answer to all of these is likely a resounding, “YES!”

So, why ignore that we have strong feelings about various events, people, acts in our lives?  Why would we feel annoyed when someone tells us they’ve lost their passion for a certain part of their life?  We shouldn’t.  We should instead embrace the feeling and encourage ourselves, family, friends and even complete strangers to pursue and find their passions, even if those passions change as our lives do. 

…And forget about all authors, orators, and otherwise attention-starved maniacs who tell you finding your passion is a bogus idea!

Pursue, find, and enjoy all your passions, all the time!

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