The Addicted

Addicted, the word has such negative overtones to it. Used mostly to describe people who have a problem with controlling themselves with external substances, I find the word quite appealing. In my opinion, being addicted to an emotion or feeling that has no negative impact to others can really benefit a leader in business.

Let me explain, in the economy that we are living in today there is so much negativity being splashed all over the news, internet, and closer to home - the workplace. I find that being addicted to a positive feeling like a successfully executed project, learning something new, or fielding a new sales opportunity can really separate the “believers” from the “nay-sayers”. It is my belief that being addicted to success, no matter how big, provides focus and motivation for a leader that is fostered from within. The wonderful part of being addicted is that there really is not a size limitation. You can manage a 100 million dollar project with over 80% profit margin, you can successfully implement a new recycling policy, or just talk to the new guy, your success and satisfaction is within your grasp. Set your goals, be successful and satiate your craving.

The best part of being addicted is that you will always be interested in learning. Would not want to relapse and have a failure more than once, we need to satisfy our hunger. As challenges arise, break it down and get the bits of success morsels by chunking down the project and issue. I find that after satisfying my thirst for success, it is always important to spend some time on reflection. Where did your victories occur, how can I repeat? Can I do it faster or better next time? Where were the failures, no matter how small what could I have done better??

I find that my addiction to success is well within my management. This vice has no control over me, I can handle it…

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