Contemplating Site Redesign

Scaffolding Please bear with me as I’m spending time this week considering what content to provide on a regular basis.  I’m running thin on some topics.  So, I’m considering scrapping the whole idea of regular topics and simply posting on the concepts I feel most passionate about, and about which I have meaningful content to share. 

These could still include what I’ve posted in the past.  I think I just need less rigidity than what I’ve confined myself with.  Keep in mind, I’m only considering going down this path.  This means my postings may not necessarily follow the regular format for the next few days.

There’s another factor that’s weighing on me: the overall structure and sight visual design has become cumbersome and unappealing.  Content is very difficult to find, even for me.  I’m looking for new visual designs as well as better organization.  I hope to have a decision before the week’s end.

So, I ask you to be patient for the next few days.

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