Role of Naysayers

Ever wonder why there are more naysayers when you declare your plan for achieving goals?

It seems every time you share a clear plan, naysayers come out of the wood work. You get various people's opinion why something won't work. At times like this I remember a documentary I saw on Richard Branson and his propensity for taking a no as a challenge to accomplish that very thing that was rejected. As well, Warren Buffet has a tendency to do the opposite of what the financial market is doing.

So, you'll do well to ignore the masses and rely on your gut feeling. You'll still want to seek the advice of your trusted advisers, those whose opinions have shaped your success.

For the rest, every time you state a plan or declare your want to accomplish a particular goal, if you don't get push-back, then you should be worried. Clear plans and ambitions scare people. So, the bigger the opposition from the masses, the more likely you're on the right path.

Keep faith and continue with your plans. Results will follow.

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